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I would like to store some backup data on Deep Glacier, but have some issues figuring the price of it.

I need to store about 2TB per month. Let's say that this data is uploaded on day one and no new data is uploaded or changed. It would cost 3.72 USD/month according to the AWS Calculator :

2,048 GB per month / 0.015625 GB average item size = 131,072.00 unrounded number of objects
Round up by 1 (131072.0000) = 131072 number of objects
131,072 number of objects x 32 KB = 4,194,304.00 KB overhead
4,194,304.00 KB overhead / 1048576 KB in a GB = 4.00 GB overhead
4.00 GB overhead x 0.0018 USD = 0.0072 USD (Glacier Deep Archive storage overhead cost for metadata)
Glacier Deep Archive storage overhead cost: 0.0072 USD
131,072 number of objects x 8 KB = 1,048,576.00 KB overhead
1,048,576.00 KB overhead / 1048576 KB in a GB = 1.00 GB overhead
Tiered price for: 1.00 GB
1 GB x 0.024 USD = 0.02 USD
Total tier cost = 0.024 USD (S3 Standard storage overhead cost)
S3 Standard storage overhead cost: 0.024 USD
2,048 GB per month x 0.0018 USD = 3.6864 USD (Glacier Deep Archive storage cost)
Glacier Deep Archive storage cost: 3.6864 USD
0.0072 USD + 0.024 USD + 3.6864 USD = 3.7176 USD (Total Glacier Deep Archive storage cost)
S3 Glacier Deep Archive cost (monthly): 3.72 USD

If one day I need to retrieve the data, for my needs I would have to retrieve all the 2TB, so I can use bulk request, but do not need to delete my storage.

I have a hard time figuring how much that retrieval would cost in total to download the files to my computer.

If I'm not mistaken, I have to do 1 restore request (bulk) for 2TB, that would cost around 10.24 USD.

Do I also have to pay 2TB of Data Transfer? That would add 184,32 USD in total.

Internet: 2048 GB x 0.09 USD per GB = 184.32 USD

Thanks, Thomas

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Without the Region I'm unable to confirm the cost. And to answer your question: Yes you need to include Bulk or Standard requests + Data Transfer fees (costs will vary depending of the destination)

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