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Same question as this post from 6 months ago from another user: I am making api call directly to get streaming response. how can I decode the output manually? I keep getting error

UnicodeDecodeError: 'utf-8' codec can't decode byte 0xb4 in position 9: invalid start byte

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For Cohere this post would help:

In case of Titan I am not sure if response stream is supported. In any case I am pasting how response stream can be parsed as example, I hope this is something like this of help?

        payload = {
            "prompt": prompt,
            "max_tokens_to_sample": 1000,
            "top_k": 50,
            "temperature": 0.1

        response_stream = self.bedrock_runtime.invoke_model_with_response_stream(
            body=bytes(json.dumps(payload), "utf-8"),

        stream = response_stream.get('body')

        output = []
        if stream:
            for event in stream:
                chunk = event.get('chunk')
                if chunk:
                    chunk_obj = json.loads(chunk.get('bytes').decode())
                    text = chunk_obj['completion']

        complete_output = ''.join(output)
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answered 2 months ago
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  • Thanks for the reply reply, however this is using the library. If you call the endpoint directly, the response isn’t as expected

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