How to do Gamelift MatchBackFill on a session that's created by flexmatch


I have one server instance which has started match based on matchmaking and lets say a few players have left. The queue should add more players to the session tight? Its not happening. What am I doing wrong? I have the automatic match backfill enabled in the matchmaking configuration.

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Hey IndieGameDeveloperFromParallelWorld,

Auto backfill is generally meant for backfilling a game that starts early with only a few players (think matchmaking lobbies). When players are leaving the game, you should instead submit your own backfill tickets to provide an accurate list of players still in the game; otherwise, there's likely too many players to match more.

I recommend taking a look at our in-depth FlexMatch backfill guide. It has a lot of useful information for troubleshooting your processes!


answered 10 months ago

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