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Looking to redirect my aws hosted domain to my LinkedIn profile page.

I have tried this: Is there a way to redirect an apex domain to another domain using Amazon S3 and Amazon Route 53? (

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One additional option is to use a CloudFront function to do the redirect. It is pretty straightforward. Here is an example of how to accomplish this using a CloudFront function.

In the example above, replace the location response header (line 9) with the URL to your LinkedIn profile.

I should add, this option does not require any Route53 magic. Just create your Route53 CNAME record to point your personal domain to the CloudFront domain name, and then follow the steps in the tutorial I linked above.

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The methods you mentioned are all using CNAME. It is used when you own both domain names. But I guess you are not the owner of So they won't work for you.

Instead, you can use client script redirect or HTTP redirect.

Client script redirect:

You can host your website on S3 (

Configure route53 to route your domain name to the S3 bucket (

And then in your website, use javascript to redirect user to the URL you want (

This is the cheapest way.

If you don't want to use javascript, using HTTP redirect also works, you can use ALB to achieve that (

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  • They are able to redirect directly in S3 so they need only make an S3 bucket of the same name as their domain and configure it to redirect to their LinkedIn page. The next step is to hook up their bucket with an A (Alias) as an apex record in Route 53.

  • Thanks Richard. While non of those methods call out cname specifically, you are correct that linkedin is not mine. This seems to be why I can't name the bucket I'm beyond needing AWS for dummies and submitted this to a friend. I'll share your feedback and in the future, I'll advise anybody that isn't an expert or training to use a different registrar.

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