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what's the best way to detect what kind of service is hosted inside the VM? I'm talking at least about popular workloads like sql server/oracle/sap/mongo/ and if we can do more workload detection also that will be great :-)

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I understand that you would like to know if there is a way to get a list of services/workloads running inside an EC2 instance.

As suggested by kentrad@ in this thread, you could consider using AWS System Manager Inventory service which can be used to collect information like Applications inside VM, AWS components, Files (Name, size, version, installed date, modification and last accessed times, etc.) and more. Please refer:[1]

However to know about the services running inside VM, there is an inventory parameter : service, but it can be used only with Windows OS and not linux. Here is the description of the parameter:

(Optional, Windows OS only, requires SSM Agent version and above) Collect data for service configurations.
Parameter : file, this parameter can be used to get the metadata of the file, not the content of the file. 

Another AWS offering is AWS Application Discovery service, which aids in the capture of system configuration, system performance, running processes, and details of the network connections between systems. For more information, please refer:[2]

Should you require further assistance regarding your specific situation/use-case, please feel free to create an AWS Support case to get in touch with an engineer to assist you further.

Reference: [1] [2]

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