OAuth application for GitHub runner integration in AWS CodeBuild


We was working on integration with AWS CodeBuild and use OAuth flow to authorize connections with our GitHub Org repos using documentation from here. Basically we wanna to achieve what described here Set up self-hosted GitHub Actions runners in AWS CodeBuild

Everything good, but the page that OAuth app called aws-codesuite(We need to allow access for this OAuth app in our GitHub org) has it not make much trust - https://github.com/aws-codesuite And our security team have questions because of this.

So my ask: Is it possible from AWS side mention name of app and link to this page in AWS documentation, somewhere here. So we can build more trust about it.

Ideally in addition to documentation it will be good to have app coming from this GitHub org https://github.com/aws , since it make more trust comparing to https://github.com/aws-codesuite

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Thanks for your request, and it's a fair one, but sadly I don't think you will get an answer here as it implies come internal communications. To be effective, I recomend you to ping you AWS Account SA and they will help you to discuss this with the CodeBuild service team, which I think it makes a lot of sense.


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