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I have set up CloudWatch rule that triggerent scheduled event to Lambda. I wanted to add custom information to lambda using details in ScheduledEvent. Using new Input Transformer feature to craft input based on JSON event data, but getting below issue

Invalid InputTemplate for target Target0 : [Source: (String)"{ "version": null, "id": null, "source": null, "account": null, "time": null, "region": null, "resources": null, "detail": [{ "StartDate": "2023/07/07", "EndDate": "2023/07/09" }], "detail-type": null, } "; line: 15, column: 2].

Sample Event: { "version": "0", "id": "89d1a02d-5ec7-412e-82f5-13505f849b41", "detail-type": "Scheduled Event", "source": "", "account": "123456789012", "time": "2016-12-30T18:44:49Z", "region": "us-east-1", "resources": ["arn:aws:events:us-east-1:123456789012:rule/SampleRule"], "detail": {} }

input Path { "version": "$.version", "id": "$.id", "source": "$.source", "account": "$.account", "time": "$.time", "region": "$.region", "resources": "$.resources", "detail-type": "$.detail-type" }

Template { "version": <version>, "id": <id>, "source": <source>, "account": <account>, "time": <time>, "region": <region>, "resources": <resources>, "detail": [{ "StartDate": "2023/07/07", "EndDate": "2023/07/09"

}], "detail-type": <detail-type>, }

Output { "version": 0, "id": 89d1a02d-5ec7-412e-82f5-13505f849b41, "source":, "account": 123456789012, "time": 2016-12-30T18:44:49Z, "region": us-east-1, "resources": arn:aws:events:us-east-1:123456789012:rule/SampleRule, "detail": [{ "StartDate": "2023/07/07", "EndDate": "2023/07/09"

}], "detail-type": Scheduled Event, }

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Try the following input template.
The problem was that the ""detail-type": <detail-type>" had a "," at the end.

    "version": <version>,
    "id": <id>,
    "source": <source>,
    "account": <account>,
    "time": <time>,
    "region": <region>,
    "resources": <resources>,
    "detail": [
            "StartDate": "2023/07/07",
            "EndDate": "2023/07/09"
    "detail-type": <detail-type>
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