Where to deploy my reactjs application?


Hi, I'm a bit new to AWS. I have deployed small ReactJS applications on S3. But I feel a little confused when researching other services to deploy my React application and seeing what they do for similar things. For example: S3, Amplify, App Runner, etc. So my question is, what is the best way to deploy a small app in react with custom domain? And I would like to know the same for an app in nextjs. Thanks

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In my case I recommend you using Amplify.

**Here is why using Amplify: **

  • It automatically creates CI/CD pipeline that can detect changes in your source repository, then deploy newer version based on your code.

  • You can also easily create custom domain with Amplify.

  • Simple steps to follow

  • Build in authentication component (work with Cognito)

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For small applications, I think CloudFront + S3 is fine.

I think Amplify is useful when creating a web service that performs authentication using Cognito, etc., because it allows easy integration.

I think you may consider using App Runner if you are managing web applications in containers.

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answered 3 months ago

Hello, As already mentioned in above answers that S3+Cloudfront for small application is fine.

For you code base for React and Nextjs or any other language , using codecommit is a seamless option.

To use custom domain, it works well with Public Hosted Zone and it uses it own custom certificate under the hood. https://docs.aws.amazon.com/amplify/latest/userguide/custom-domains.html

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