Availability of my website via geroast.nl (without prefix https, etc.)


Dear customer support,

My website geroast.nl has gotten a lot of exposure in the past few days. Unfortunately, I hear from many customers that they cannot reach the site via geroast.nl Only when they use the https prefix. It is also browser dependent. There seam to be more issues in Chrome?

I have the SSL certificate from my hosting provider correctly set up. geroast.nl is DNS forwarded to the IP address of the EC2 machine where my web app is deployed as a python flask app (for now it is just sudo python3 script.py, which I know is not ideal).

Also *.geroast.nl and www.geroast.nl are forwarded to the load balancer URL that is connected to the EC2 machine too.

Do you have any idea how I can solve this? I already tried to set the gunicorn server running on my EC2 machine, but could not get that to work too.

My website is currently going viral in The Netherlands. So I need urgent support! I would also love to get support on site availability, because I am worried about scaling too (website went down real quick when it got social media and TV exposure). I am willing to pay extra to get real quick support now!



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Did you try setting up DNS to *.geroast.nl. Add A record on your hosting DNS manager ?

Try to setup an A-record for the domain name without the 'www' prefix pointing to the IP address of the web-server and setup a CNAME-record for the domain name with the 'www' prefix pointing to the web-server IP.

Also, before everything, Please keep in mind that it takes 5 to 6 hours for these kind of changes.

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answered 4 months ago

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