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I just created one ActiveDirectoy Microsoft in AWS. My domain is hosted in AWS Now i want to launch my admin ec2 instance to manage my AD, so I'm using option Enter image description here And I have got timeout during the process .. no error nothing :/ Enter image description here

Really strange because i already have one AD in my VPC working well, and i just wanted to create new one ...

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I guess something is wrong with runbook : AWS-CreateDSManagementInstance I launched manually one instance, join domain and installed tool bymysel. all is working well !

answered 2 months ago
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reviewed a month ago


Judging from the documentation here, it may just be that the automation took a long time to run.

I think you were able to open the automation screen from the Systems Manager console and run it again, so why not try running it again?
Also, if you view it from the automation screen, the cause of the failure may be explained in a little more detail.

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answered 2 months ago
  • Hi, thanks for your answer.

    Unfortunately, I can't run it again, and I don't even get more details on the automation screen..

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