IoT OTA update failing with "exceeded the limit for the number of streams"


Not sure what to do here
When we create an OTA job in the online console, we are getting
"The action failed because the input is not valid. Error: You have exceeded the limit for the number of streams in your AWS account. Please contact the AWS support center to request an increase for this limit."

First, we have been using OTA since 2018.
Second, I thought the streams were stored in our S3 bucket so i emptied it.

Can i delete existing streams to fall under the limit or is it a count of streams from first day the service was used?

What service do i request a limit increase for in the support center? Under IoT, there is not a subject for streams.

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1 Answer

Never mind, i found list_streams and delete_stream command in boto3 api for Python which worked. I have accumulated 1000 streams over time.

answered 3 years ago

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