AWS Glue Connection - Failed to test connection due to FAILED status


Hi all,

I've been trying to test a AWS Glue connection to an external MariaDB instance and I'm getting the following error constantly:

Enter image description here

Enter image description here

Enter image description here

I'm unable to understand the root cause of the issue. Not sure if its a SSL certificate or networking issue.

I was successfully able to connect to the external DB through a temporary Amazon EC2 instance, but Glue is unable to connect. I used the same VPCs in both scenarios.


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2 Answers
  1. I am not able to read out your snap shot. I guess it is from CloudWatch.
  2. Check out CloudWatch to see the error message it pushes out.
  3. I would check for IAM issue first.
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answered 9 months ago
  • The CloudWatch error message is as follows:

    'Check that your connection definition references your JDBC database with correct URL syntax, username, and password. Check that your VPC/subnet has network access to AWS S3 and the connection definition contains a security group with an outbound port rule which can access S3.'

    The IAM role that I'm using has 2 amazon-managed permission policies attached to it: AWSGlueServiceRole & IAMFullAccess


I have the same error in Lake Formation. I observed all the checks for IAM Role, VPC, Security Group, NAT Gateway, but it does not connect to the base via JBDC. Did anyone solve the problem?

answered 6 months ago

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