Cloudtrail usage PaidEventsRecorded can't be tagged


I manage and invoice all of my AWS costs using "Project" tag. Even though all of my cloudtrail trails are tagged with a "Project" tag, the usage type of PaidEventsRecorded shows up as not having a Project tag associated with it. This makes invoicing difficult when there are considerable charges showing up as not having a Project tag.

Is it possible to associate the PaidEventsRecorded usage type with a tag?

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Hi Matt,

I found this resource that may help clear things up: If this isn't quite what you're looking for, I suggest reaching out to our Account & Billing experts via our Support Center:

— Sage A.

answered 3 months ago
  • I suppose this snippet from that document suggests its just not supported by aws billing? - "Though you can apply tags to CloudTrail trails, AWS Billing cannot currently use tags applied to trails for cost allocation. Cost Explorer can show costs for CloudTrail Lake event data stores and for the CloudTrail service as a whole."

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