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Why am I getting charged every day for the mainframe modernization service?

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2 Answers
  1. Go to Cost Explorer -> Choose Date Range in right pane
  2. Granularity -> Daily
  3. Dimension -> Usage Type
  4. Service -> AWS Mainframe Modernization

Note: Repeat same by changing option in Dimensions field as Cost Category, Availability zone and Charge Type one by one and see where you see charges.

This would show you when and what are the resources/which AZ that's happening.

If you want to setup alert, you can consider setting up AWS budgets and configure alarm on those, which would notify you, if you cross the defined usage threshold. Follow the Well Architected Lab instructions here for setting up budget alert based on your usage.

However, if you still don't figure out and think that it's not a legitimate charge, contact AWS Billing Support Team by following instructions at here

Hope you find this helpful.

Comment here if you have additional questions, happy to help.


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answered 10 months ago
  • Thanks that was a very helpful answer but I am still confused; I ran the report and downloaded and it looks like I am being charged for an M5 instance starting on 7/31 but I don't see any instances running; can you help, given this chart? Where do I see if an instance is running? I don't see any running


    Usage type USE2-m5.largeBluAgeRuntime($) USE2-m5.largeBluAgeRuntime-Free($) Total costs($) 8/1/2023 7.44 7.44 8/2/2023 7.44 7.44 8/3/2023 7.44 7.44 8/4/2023 2.17 2.17

  • I'm really sorry for delayed response and hope you'd have figured out by now. Are you sure there is no mainframe modernization application is running. It seems this charge is in us-east-2(Ohio) region, so make sure you are checking in us-east-2 region. Also can you do the same exercise with service EC2, and see where is that instance cost coming from.


If there is any AWS Mainframe Modernization Environment created under your account, you will the charges for EC2 instances running under the managed environment. Those instances will not be visible under EC2 console.

For more details on the pricing for AWS Mainframe Modernization service please visit -

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answered 5 months ago

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