How to change the "One Time Password" phone number used when I log in


I have two AWS accounts that I needed to update the phone number used for the "One Time Password" when I log in. On one account, I was able to go to the Account Settings, and see a phone number listed with the email and account name. Updating this phone number successfully changed the number that was used to verify me when I log in. On the second account, no phone number is listed in Account Settings. I've changed every phone number I can find (Contact Information and in billing) but nothing updated the OTP phone number used. Neither account used MFA.

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AWS has actually ended support for SMS MFA/OTP when logging in. You can now use a Virtual MFA (Like Google Authenticator), FIDO Security Key (Like a Yubikey) or a Hardware MFA.

This doco will help with enabling Virtual MFA on your accounts

answered 2 years ago

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