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I'm trying to configure a stored volume Storage Gateway. I've tried it several times and always with the same result. I can create the gateway, configure the disks, attach in iSCSI, and generate the files. But they don't leave the upload buffer. I can see the usage of the upload buffer in the console, but the upload is not done to the volume, the usage appears as zero.

My local network has a fixed public ip, when I do the same procedure on another network with a different public ip, it works perfectly.

I would like to know if there is any IP blocking, some black list, something like that that could be affecting this upload.

I thank!

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I'm Mike with the Storage Gateway team.

It is possible that there is IP blocking or similar that is interfering with the SGW's ability to upload data to AWS. These would be most likely coming from your own network and network security measures. We are not actively intercepting data before it gets to our public endpoint.

You will need to look at things like your firewall configuration in order to make sure all the required ports are open ( ). You'll also want to ask if your security team is doing any SSL inspection of packets. That activity is detected by our gateway as a "man in the middle" attack and will cause our connection to AWS to sever. Lastly, you should be able to do a traceroute or similar from your network to the AWS endpoint from your network and from the network that works to compare where else you may need to look for network access or config changes.

If you have an AWS support contract, I encourage you to open a ticket as that will allow our support engineers to look into your account and provide other assistance you may find useful.

Mike H., Systems Engineer, SGW

answered 2 years ago

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