Could not Browse Lambda Function in Lambda Insights Console


I have a Lambda Function that has had CloudWatch Lambda Insights-Enhanced monitoring enabled since the beginning. However, now when I try to monitor the Lambda, I can't find it in the Lambda Insights Console.

Re-produce step:

  1. Open the Lambda Insights page in the CloudWatch console.
  2. Choose Single-function
  3. Filter by function name. -> But the function name does not appear in the filter list.

I also tried using View Lambda Insights on the Lambda function's page, but it did not show the Insights for that function either. This issue only affects some functions; others still work fine.

One commonality I've noticed among the impacted functions is their invocation time. The last time these functions were invoked was more than 3 months ago. Could this possibly be the reason? If so, is there any way I could view the Insights for these functions?

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Is the IAM policy "CloudWatchLambdaInsightsExecutionRolePolicy" set in the Lambda function's IAM role?
This IAM policy is required to send logs to Lambda insights.
Also, will it be displayed after Lambda is executed?

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answered 3 months ago
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reviewed 18 days ago

Yes, the CloudWatchLambdaInsightsExecutionRolePolicy policy was set for the Lambda function.

And yes, the Lambda function is displayed in the Lambda Insights filter after I invoke the function.

Therefore, I can conclude that Lambda Insights will not display for the Lambda function if it has not been invoked for a long time.

answered 3 months ago

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