Is Nitro end-to-end Encryption Support on Bare Metal Instance?


Is the Nitro end-to-end encryption feature available on bare metal instances, specifically the i3.metal?

My current understanding is that this is supported only in the network optimized Nitro instances (e.g. i3.en), but would like additional verification.

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No, I don't believe that the i3.metal supports this feature. According to our documentation for EC2:

AWS provides secure and private connectivity between EC2 instances. In addition, we automatically encrypt in-transit traffic between supported instances in the same VPC or in peered VPCs, using AEAD algorithms with 256-bit encryption. This encryption feature uses the offload capabilities of the underlying hardware, and there is no impact on network performance. The supported instances are: C5n, G4, I3en, M5dn, M5n, P3dn, R5dn, and R5n.

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Hope this helps!

answered 4 years ago

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