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Hello, in one AWS organization we are running several AWS accounts for different companies. Each company use its own TRN and tax registration informations. Each company owns his bank account, we would like to use bank transfer payment method from several bank accounts for each linked sub-account and receive a separated invoicing for each account. Can you please detail how this process can be achieved? Thanks

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Answer found! So, only for enterprise accounts, you can split Bank Transfer payment by linked-account splitting Tax Settings within the same AWS Organization (so you can make different wire transfer per invoice!). With this setup, you can keep a full organization in terms of operations while splitting allocation costs per linked-account based (for most workloads). In other hand you are responsible to split additional costs related to common shared resources like network, traffic, security, cost optimization (saving plan, reserved instances) managed @ root AWS Organization level. (btw very happy with this outcome) Alessandro

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answered 2 months ago
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I'd recommend opening a support case with our Billing team. They would be happy to provide more details regarding your organization and payment methods for each account. You can create a case in our Support Center, here.

— Ann D.

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answered 3 months ago

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