AWS Transfer Family for B2B file transfer


Can we use AWS Transfer Family for B2B file transfer like taking the inputs from User like Source, Destination etc and make the file transfer in a secure way with Virus Scanning, Encryption and how this can be achieved

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Your question leaves a lot of room for guessing what the actual use case is about.

But from the gist of what you are asking I can infer that you are trying to make a B2B process workflow that involves users selecting a source and destination for file transfer between two cooperating business entities and having all the parts of the transaction be auditable, virus scanned, and encrypted. Some of this can be accomplished using the Managed Workflows feature of AWS Transfer Family creating custom workflow steps for PGP encrypted documents and virus scanning. Currently we support the creation of such workflows for inbound files using SFTP/FTPS protocols.

The AWS Transfer Family AS2 protocol is another option for bidirectional exchange of information as a B2B solution but that will not support virus scanning for message attachments. However, AS2 can be configured for either inbound or outbound processing.

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