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I have recently noticed a somewhat new feature in the AWS IoT Core console: Software Package Catalog. After reading about it, I was greatly interested in using it. My understanding is that it is not currently possible to deploy versions using FreeRTOS OTA update jobs. Can I hope to see this feature integrated with Software Package Catalog in a future release? Or should I manually sign firmwares, create streams and generate job documents in order to deploy versions? Or am I simply missing some information?

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Hi Etienne. CreateOTAUpdate doesn't yet support the destinationPackageVersions parameter that's in CreateJob. And therefore you can't yet use CreateOTAUpdate to deploy package versions.

You could indeed consider to call StartSignerJob, CreateStream and CreateJob individually to compose a job with an OTA-compatible job document. Similar to what I described here:

I suspect though that the benefits probably don't justify the work. A smaller and easier win might be to call CreatePackageVersion every time you upload a new firmware version to S3. And modify your device firmware to report the currently running firmware version in the new $package reserved named shadow. Then you would benefit from the package version metrics in the console. That way software packages would at least help you visualize the versions deployed in your fleet.

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Hi Greg.

Thank you so much for your help. Updating the $package shadow directly from devices is a great solution. I have all the information I needed.

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