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Does AWS GameKit integrate with OAuth 2.0? (if not, when will it be supported?)


Does AWS GameKit integrate with OAuth 2.0? (if not, when will it be supported?)

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Yes, AWS GameKit uses OAuth 2.0 when logging-in a player through a federated identity provider (such as Facebook). The following APIs facilitate federated log-in with OAuth 2.0: GetFederatedLoginUrl() and PollAndRetrieveFederatedTokensAsync(). Under the hood, AWS GameKit's Identity & Authentication feature uses Amazon Cognito, which uses OAuth 2.0 for federated log-in.

AWS GameKit supports Facebook as a federated identity provider out of the box. You can configure Facebook log-in through the Unreal plugin UI by following these instructions. You can also integrate log-in with other federated identity providers (Google, Amazon, etc.) by following these instructions:

Other than federated log-in, AWS GameKit doesn't provide APIs to help call arbitrary OAuth 2.0 APIs. For example, to call Google People APIs to leverage the player's Google Contacts. To help call arbitrary APIs like this, AWS GameKit would need to provide APIs for the following:

  • Generate a URL to request the player's incremental consent for new OAuth 2.0 scopes.
  • Fetch the player's federated access token. (The token would be needed for calling the third-party's APIs).

I don't have an ETA for if/when AWS GameKit will support these APIs. I've created an internal feature request to make sure this gets evaluated.

If you'd like to try implementing further support for OAuth 2.0 in AWS GameKit yourself, here are the key locations to look at in the code:

answered 4 months ago

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