I can't access my Cloudfront URL, few days ago I touched route 53 for ec2 instance to connect domain for web app in ec2 but after that my Cloudfront stopped working. Yesterday I deleted this hosted zone, I deleted only the host zone, forgot to delete their rules first, what should I do if I want my cloud interface to work with my old default url that aws gave

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Verify that the domain name you are using for the CloudFront distribution matches what is configured in the CloudFront settings.

Check that the Route 53 rules are still pointing to the correct CloudFront distribution. Since you deleted the hosted zone, any rules within it would no longer be valid.

Recreate the hosted zone with the same domain name and configure new Route 53 rules to route traffic from the domain to your CloudFront distribution using an ALIAS record.

It may take some time for the DNS changes to propagate after reconfiguring the rules. You can check the status of domain name propagation on the Route 53 console.

As a test, you can also try accessing the CloudFront distribution URL directly without the custom domain name to ensure the distribution itself is functioning correctly.

Let me know if recreating the hosted zone and rules does not resolve the issue.

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answered 2 months ago

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