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Hi All, Im working with my first EC2 instance and im going around the details of security groups. The default security group that i have includes an allow all ( inbound ssh (tcp-22). When I establish an ssh connexion via the EC2 instance connect method (directly from the management console) I see that the source ip is an aws ip ... public ip (i check by doing a who). Do you know what is this ip? is it the cloudshell from my management console?

thanks in advance!

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For Amazon EC2 console browser-based client, the IP is from the EC2 Instance Connect IP address range. You can validate this from the AWS IP address ranges JSON file and look for EC2_INSTANCE_CONNECT for your region. Example for us-east-1, the range is:

  "ip_prefix": "",
  "region": "us-east-1",
  "service": "EC2_INSTANCE_CONNECT",
  "network_border_group": "us-east-1"

More details here:

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To add to the above, check out this link would help you understand how: Using Amazon EC2 Instance Connect for SSH access to your EC2 Instances You could check the detail of the ec2-instance-connect RPM package for further.


  1. Do a quick what is my IP to see the public IP that you're using to access AWS services.
  2. upon connecting via EC2 instance connect, check out your cloudtrail log - look under event source "SendSSHPublicKey" (for details on when the SSH public keys are pushed to the instance); dig through the event record and you will see your IP in (1)

I hope that help

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  • thanks for the additional details

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