RDS Oracle storage redundancy


Is the General Purpose (SSD) storage for RDS Oracle redundant in the same way that Aurora is?

The product page for Amazon Aurora states it features a distributed, fault-tolerant, self-healing storage system. I've read in a few places this means 6 copies across 3 AZ's. But can't find anything stating the same for Oracle storage.

I'm after confirmation that the storage for a single AZ Oracle instance is redundant with multiple copies across multiple AZs, or do I need to look at multi AZ configuration?

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2 Answers

RDS for Oracle (and the other non-Aurora engines) uses EBS for its storage, providing redundancy within an AZ. To obtain redundancy across AZs you need to use Multi-AZ.

answered 4 years ago

Amazon Aurora stores data in 3 AZs by default.

For Amazon RDS we would need to use Multi-AZ feature.

answered a year ago

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