Amazon WorkDocs Drive Authenticating User - Stuck on Windows 10 and 11


Hi there,

I have been through that issue before with Windows 7 and 10 and I was able to solve the issue working on the Windows MSMQ Feature as per the workaround described in that troubleshooting documentation "How do I fix an Amazon WorkDocs Drive for Windows that is stuck or crashing after logging in" [].

Now I have Windows 10 and 11 that I cannot fix with the workaround. The Drive was previously running on these two PCs. I have tried all different combinations of removing, uninstalling, installing, and restarting the Windows Feature and WorkDocs Drive.

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I got the solution with the help of another thread.


1- Uninstall Amazon WorkDocs Drive if already installed and restart Windows
2- Control Panel -> Uninstall a program -> Turn Windows features on and off
	a. Unselect "MSMQ Server (Microsoft Message Queue)" and restart Windows
3- Delete <drive>:\Users\<user_folder>\AppData\Roaming\Amazon\AmazonWorkDocs
4- Control Panel -> Uninstall a program -> Turn Windows features on and off
	a. Select "MSMQ Server (Microsoft Message Queue)"
5- Install Amazon WorkDocs Drive
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More background on that. I managed to install and run the WorkDocs on those two PCs with Windows 10 and 11. I was trying to load the local files to the drive when I realized that it got stuck. At that point, I decided to start over. Removed the directory from AWS but did not log out from the PCs. I then tried reinstalling the drive to log in to the new WorkDocs account and got stuck on Authenticating User on both PCs.

I am evaluating the WorkDocs to migrate my customers from the current solution, but I cannot rely on WorkDocs if a client gets stuck and I cannot find the root cause to solve that. It is very sensitive and I realized it is a very common situation in the community.

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