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I use static IPs from my VPN. There are only a few in the US. They all seem to be blocking access to, so I can't login. I can use static IPs from all over the world but the US is blocked. I can also use their dynamic IPs but I need static IPs to restrict access to my servers.

How can I get Amazon to unblock my VPN's IPs.

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  1. Was non working static IP always in your ownership?
  2. Do you recall doing any abuse activity that could have triggered block at AWS side? ( some time rate limit blocks occurs which resolve it self in few days )
  3. When you are on your non working static VPN and go to website what IP do you see? share it here
  4. When you are on your non working static VPN. Do a tracert or traceroute to and share here.

When you are on your Dynamic VPN from same provider. Share output of 3 and 4 again.

This data may help some folks who have some access internal to AWS to investigate further.

answered a year ago

Are you trying to access any specific web application hosted on aws or its just hitting Generally this is a public URL and everyone can see it.

In terms of if you are connected to VPN and then you are trying to access and not able to do so , then its your firewall blocking the access to In order to resolve this you need to allow in your network or proxy firewall if you are using.

In case if you are using any **specific application hosted on AWS network **then you need allow or block VPN IP addresses for your EC2 instances, use a network Access Control List (ACL) or security group rules in your VPC. Network ACLs and security group rules act as firewalls allowing or blocking IP addresses from accessing your resources

answered a year ago
  • It is not my firewall. I am just trying to get onto website to login and get to the EC2 console. This works perfectly when VPN is not on. It also works perfectly with the VPN using static IPs from around the world and dynamic IPs from the same provider in the US. Only when I select the Static VPNs for the US (there are 5 based in NY) am I unable to access the site. When connected to these IPs, I am able able to browse and connect to everywhere I have tried except AWS> If I disconnect VPN, it connects immediately. The only conclusion I can come to (since these are shared VPNs from the provider) is that amazon blocked these particular IPs. I really don't want to change my VPN provider though.

  • There is a setting in VPN where you can allow fqdn for , as you mentioned you are able to access the site from anywhere in the world but only from US VPN you are not , there are some VPNs that does restrict specific fqdn , so you can try whitelist within VPN..


Same issue here. I can't seem to access AWS on any of the VPN servers I'm on (Using Astrill)

answered a year ago

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