I don't understand This AWS gateway or firewall domain request!


I don't understand where or how to find this or if it even apply to me "gateway or firewall domain allow-list for AWS access portal." This was sent to me in an email. Please assist with a clear answer because this tech stuff is a bit much for me at times. Thank you.

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An "allow-list" or "firewall domain allow-list" refers to configuring your network firewall or web application firewall to allow access from approved IP addresses, domains or address ranges.

Check on the following:

  • AWS provides network firewall capabilities through services like AWS Network Firewall and web application firewall through AWS WAF.
  • These firewalls need to be configured to allow access for your applications from specific trusted sources only. This is done by creating "allow lists" or "allow rules".
  • For AWS Network Firewall, you can create allow lists with IP addresses/ranges or domain names that will be allowed to access resources protected by the firewall.
  • For AWS WAF, you can configure allow rules to define which IP addresses/ranges are permitted to access your applications, APIs or web resources.
  • AWS Firewall Manager allows you to centrally manage these firewall configurations across multiple AWS accounts for consistency.
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answered 2 months ago

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