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We own our domain and have access to it, but the DNS is hosted here in an account we no longer have access to (IT person left and we cannot get login email or pw info). Do we need to first purchase a certain account w/ tech support access? we only need the DNS as the domain and hosting are elsewhere. How can we get the DNS moved over to this new account here to be able to control it and add CNAME records . There seems to be no way to contact actual tech support for help on this, the only suggestion was to log into the other account... Any help on a path to resolving this would be greatly appreciated.

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In your new AWS account, create hosted zone in Route 53 to match the one in the inaccessible account. This will define NS servers for this zone. Then, where you manage the domain, change the Nameservers to the ones in the new zone. It will take a little bit of time to propagate.

See: Making Route 53 the DNS service for a domain that's in use

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answered 2 months ago
  • Thank you for your answer - unfortunately the domain is at GoDaddy and they say there is no access to do anything with the DNS or Nameservers, it is all controlled AWS...

  • Oh wait...nevermind I can see that I can change the nameservers there. I will try this. Thank you!

  • FOLLOW UP QUESTION - I tried that solution and the DNS did not propagate anywhere for over 15 hours and I had to return the site to the old name servers because we couldn't have that much downtime at this time. Wondering what the standard amount of time needed to propagate is, and also how will we know if it simply isn't going to work? What would be the next step in trouble shooting this if it never propagates? Thanks!!!!

  • From the docs, "The typical TTL setting for the NS record is 172800 seconds, or two days." If you have replicated all of the records in the new zone this should not cause downtime, as clients will resolve to the correct IP no matter which NS they use.

  • Thank you. I did copy all 4 NS records exactly into GoDaddy - I should ADD the new NS instead of replacing the existing ones with the new ones? so there will be 8 listed? would that work? We definitely had downtime...should we plan for up to 2 days of downtime next time? I've never seen a propagation take that long...

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