Which serverless service to use for Running Middlewares for MongoDB Atlas and AWS S3?


I've created a mobile app which consists of forms, these forms store the text data in MongoDB Atlas and the images in AWS S3, the MongoDB Atlas is a serverless service, but I'm needing a middleware to communicate with it. The AWS S3 is also setup like this. Currently I'm running this middleware servers on my local machine(Local Host), but I need a serverless service for these two node servers to run 24/7, but I want to only pay for the time that I use these. Please help me Guys, I'm a beginner.

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If you want pay only for invocation Lambda is the best choice for you. Even though it's possible now to have public URL for your Lambda it's better to hide them behind the API gateway, which will do authentication as well. You can start from here.

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answered 3 months ago
  • If I invoke the function, how long will it run?, since currently I'm running it on my local machine I'm running it continuously. Can I do something like this. 1 - Invoking it through a http request. 2 - The function only runs till I upload the images and immediately stops after upload is complete(S3 Uploading Middleware). 3 - The function only runs till I submit the text data to MongoDB Atlas and immediately stops after submission is complete(MongoDB Atlas Middleware). Will this be possible?

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