RDS Storage full with 1.6TB storage while the DB is only 20 GB


My databases in total size are 20 GB. But the RDS instance had a storage full error and enabling auto scaling it went to 1.6 TB.

20 GB vs 1.6 TB is crazy. I have looked at logs, double checked DB size etc. but cannot find any usual suspects. Is there a process to identify the culprit?

  • can you check the CloudWatch metrics for your RDS instance to understand the pattern of storage growth. Look for sudden spikes or abnormal patterns that coincide with the increase in storage

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Is this RDS PostgreSQL or MySQL?

For PostgreSQL, the VACUUM command can be used to remove dead tuples which occupy disk space. Refer to Understanding autovacuum in Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL environments for more information.

After that, you may want to restore database snapshot to a new RDS instance.

answered 2 months ago

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