S3 Lifecycle Rule not running


I have an S3 bucket with the following 2 rules:

RULE 1 Rule 1a Rule 1b

RULE 2 Rule 2a Rule 2b Rule 2c

These rules have been configured and unchanged for several months. As of today (2023-12-26) there are objects in the bucket from (2023-12-14). How is this possible and how do I correct it?

UPDATED 2023-12-27: See below screenshot indicating that an object is not locked and actually should have been expired by the rules on the 18th:

Object Screenshot

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2 Answers

Is versioning enabled? Has it been disabled by any chance? These rules will only apply if versioning is enabled.

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answered 5 months ago
  • Yeah, good thought, I had considered that too. But it is enabled.


If versioning is not enabled then rule 1 is enough to delete all objects. If versioning is enabled/suspended then rule 2 along with rule 1 should delete all objects (current, non-current, delete markers, incomplete multipart upload) and bucket should be empty. Through your screenshots it is confirmed that rules are applied to all objects so only possibility I can think of is you might have objects protected by object lock retention or legal hold. Can you pls check ?. If no object lock then S3 access log or a support ticket should investigate further.

answered 5 months ago
  • I have updated the question with an additional screenshot to show that object lock is not enabled and in fact the object should have been expired back on the 18th of December.

    @razguru - Since you work at AWS, can you open a support ticket please?

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