AWS File NOT opening on Chrome but YES opening on Safari (from Twilio API)


I am trying to view an AWS video file from the Twilio API on Chrome but it only comes up on Safari. See an example video here:

You can try this video link and see that it only works on Safari and not on Chrome. I need it to work on Chrome desperately. Any suggestions besides using a plug-in? I need all new users to be able to view it on Chrome without having to download a plug-in.



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Safari will try to play all video content with Quicktime, so it will be very forgiving of what format it is in. In order for it to play in Chrome, however, the file must be H.264 or WebM. See this link for information about what formats are supported:

For the best compatibility, you should have your video available in at least H.264 MP4 and WebM, and make sure you keep your H.264 profile to Main 3.1 or similar to ensure it plays on mobile devices.



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