How can I improve my Amazon EC2 instance's packet-per-second performance?


I'm using an Amazon EC2 instance with 25 Gbps network bandwidth. I can see that I'm using only 10 Gbps of network bandwidth, but I'm still exceeding my packets-per-second limit. Is there a way to get EC2 to use a larger network packet to reduce the total network packets per second number, or any other way I can improve my instance's network performance?

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Review the maximum transmission unit (MTU) for your Amazon EC2 instance to verify that it's set high enough. Then, review your application's code. If your application is sending data in smaller bursts, then the operating system won't use larger packet sizes. To resolve the issue, consider either increasing the payload size per packet or configuring enhanced networking on your EC2 instance.

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answered 4 years ago

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