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Assalam o Alikum, I have Deployed website on EKS. Eks auto proviosion load balancer for ingress application load balancer and for k8s deployment network load balancer. Application Load Balancer Proviosion Target Group IP base. Website run for 6 hours and then automatically listener rules changes to default backend does not exist. without HTTP website also running. Listeners and Rules HTTP:80 Redirect to HTTPS://#{host}:443/#{path}?#{query} Status code: HTTP_301 1 rules ARN

HTTPS:443 Return fixed response Response code: 404 Response body Response content type: text/plain

Target Group Target type IP Protocol : Port HTTP: 80 Protocol version HTTP1

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Wa Alaikum Assalam! Listener Rules Change: The issue you're facing indicates that the listener rules on your ALB are being modified automatically, leading to disruptions in traffic routing. These are the possible cause Automation or Scripting: There might be an automation script or tool running in your environment that's responsible for modifying the listener rules. Misconfiguration: There could be misconfigurations in your Kubernetes Ingress or AWS settings causing unintended modifications. Security or Access Control: Unauthorized access or security breaches could be causing these modifications. Third-party Integrations: If you're using any third-party services or tools that interact with your AWS infrastructure, they might be causing these changes. This was the the case i was facing when i experienced the similar issues because i was using a karpenter to interact with AWS Infrastructure Kindly follow these below steps:- Review Access Logs: Check access logs for your ALB and AWS API calls logs to identify any unauthorized or unexpected changes. Inspect Automation Scripts: If you have any automation scripts or tools in place, review them carefully to ensure they are not causing unintended modifications.Review IAM Policies: Ensure that IAM policies restrict access to only authorized users or services. Check Kubernetes Configurations: Review your Kubernetes Ingress configurations to ensure they are correctly configured and not conflicting with your ALB settings.Monitor System Activities: Utilize AWS CloudWatch or other monitoring tools to monitor system activities and detect any anomalies or unauthorized access. If you're unable to identify the root cause, consider engaging AWS support for further assistance and investigation.

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answered 2 months ago

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