We are trying to build and deploy a .net core application on windows platform in elastic beanstalk environment but deployment is getting failed.


Error: [Instance: i-0031f3decb3972a8f ConfigSet: Infra-WriteRuntimeConfig, Infra-EmbeddedPreBuild, Hook-PreAppDeploy, Infra-EmbeddedPostBuild, Hook-EnactAppDeploy, Hook-PostAppDeploy] Command failed on instance. Return code: 1 Output: null. Error occurred during build: Command hooks failed Error during deployment: Unable to find appBundle ./EpfSignPfa.zip

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From the shared error it seems to be related to application bundle. Beanstalk is not able to find appBundle at “./EpfSignPfa.zip” . So I would recommend you to please make sure that application bundle structure is correct and as per documentation. For same application details please have a look on official documentation and same source application bundle.

If issue still occurs please feel free to reach out to AWS premium support because we need to have a look into logs and application bundle structure to get root cause.

Thank yo!!!

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