EC2 public AMIs no longer searchable?


Something stopped working with searching Public images in EC2 all searches come up "No matching images found". Is everyone else experiencing this?;search=:centos;v=3;$case=tags:false%5C,client:false;$regex=tags:false%5C,client:false


Edit: Adding additional information

The Free text search is what is no longer working, see screenshot below

Free text search

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Remove the filtering on centos and the search will return 1000+ items.

To filter on AMIs whose name contains the term centos, set the filter to AMI name : centos

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answered 3 months ago
  • Yes, it returns and says 1000+ items, but I cannot enter anything in the search field and get a filtered list.

    For example, if I enter centos and press enter, it shows "No matching images found" when I know in fact there are many public images with centos in the name and/or description

  • Oh, so it no longer searches All properties?

  • Click in the search box and pick AMI name from the drop-down.

    The menu will change to an Operators menu, select the second option Contains

    Search box will populate with AMI name : followed by a cursor, type centos in here.

  • Oh, so it no longer searches All properties?

    Are you thinking about when picking an AMI for a new EC2 instance, and you can search on general terms like centos, ubnuntu, rhel and so on? That will return a list of AMIs (across four headings - Quickstart; My AMIs; Marketplace; Community) that match the string.

    That's different from the EC2 -> Images -> AMis view in the AWS Console.

  • Prior to today, If I just entered a search term in the search field and pressed enter it would return all entries that had ANY properties that matched.

    From a UX perspective, what is the point in having a search field that you can enter your search in when it doesn't actually search.

    I understand now I can specifically search by AMI name: and it works if I know the name, but sometimes I want to find items because what I search might be in the description, or I might just want to paste the AMI id and hit enter....

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