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I have dnsName pointing to aws resource, the dnsName TTL is 60 minutes, I have a scenario where the dnsName got deleted, so I am thinking to use Route 53 health check to see if the dnsName is deleted or not every 30 second, however I have a concern as the TTL is 60 minutes, lets say Route health check performed check at minute 1, and dnsName got deleted at minutes 2(remember its cached for 60 minutes), What the Route 53 next health check will report the in this case? I read the doc but I couldn't find/conclude a definitive answer, but what I know that Route 53 health check only consider 2xx and 3xx response as a healthy check

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The only answer that you can rely on will come an hour later, because the TTL is 60 minutes.

Route 53 may discover the record doesn't exist sooner than that, but you can't guarantee it.

If you have reason to believe that the value of the record may be altered (whether it is changed or it is deleted) then change its TTL to a lower value.

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