Amazon SNS Publish, howto set SenderID using MessageAttributes


I have trouble overriding the default SenderID when I Publish an SMS through Amazon SNS using Post. When I send the Post using this content body (phone number is dummy), it works, but uses the default SenderID:


My understanding is that I can add a MessageAttributes json like this:


That gives the following content body, but when I try this override:


Then I get 400 Bad Request, and the following response:

{ "Error": { "Code": "MalformedInput", "Message": "End of list found where not expected", "Type": "Sender" }, "RequestId": "fd70e86a-79bc-5250-9e54-b3b397e2b707" }

What am I doing wrong? Do I have to create a pool in Pinpoint for SenderID?

Norway (+47) does not require preregistered SenderID. I'm using Delphi and the library sgcOpenApiAmazon, which is part of sgcWebSockets by

Thanks for any help


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I finally found out what the documentation meant, by using aws CLI with the --debug parameter. The following content body worked:



answered 2 years ago

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