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In our Org, we have an EC2 instance running Windows Server 2019. I have O365 license attached to a service account and logging in using this service account, I tried installing MS Office from Is this an allowed method to have Office installation? This is one off installation required in our environment, hence I do not want to go thru the method explained in the below link. Will there be any implications if I install using the above method?,Remote%20Desktop%20Services%20product%20in%20the%20AWS%20Marketplace.

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Hi Lakshmi,

Is the install of Microsoft Office being used for automated use by the server (unattended bot, Robotics Process Automation)? If so, this is not a permitted use case in AWS as per Microsoft's Product Terms. If this is not unattended use, Microsoft Office can be deployed in AWS if all of the following requirements from Microsoft are met:

  • The Microsoft Office license is perpetual (not subscription)
  • The Microsoft Office license was first purchased before October 1, 2019 (or purchased within a Microsoft Enterprise Agreement term that started before October 1, 2019)
  • The version deployed must be version 2019 or earlier
  • Must be deployed on dedicated infrastructure (not shared/default EC2)
  • You must have enough of these qualifying Microsoft Office licenses to cover all devices with access to the install on the server (direct or indirect)

For more information, please see our Amazon Web Services and Microsoft FAQ site (, or reach out directly to Thank you!

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