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I've been on free tier since August 2023 with t2.micro + db.t3.micro. I want to purchase t3.nano (saving plan) and db.t3.micro. What are steps to do before submit the order? Will I have to backup and reinstall what I had installed on t2.micro and database on db.t3.micro after purchasing? Or it will continue running? Further, in purchasing a t3.nano saving plan, there is a question about commitment hours, what is it? Is it the rate per hours (e.g AUD$0.0052 per hour for t3.nano)? Thanks.

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The Savings Plan will be applied automatically if you use the eligible instance type after purchase.
So there is no need to restart.

Commitment is the hourly rate when using the Savings Plan.
Commitment fees are fees that you must pay to AWS whether or not you use EC2.

Savings Plan commitment fees can be found in the following documents.
t3.nano costs $0.0037 per hour.
Prices vary by region, so please search in your region.

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  • Thank you for your clarification! The tricky part here is that at the moment, I'm running t2.micro instance, however, in Australia/Melbourne, there is not t2.micro, but t3.nano is the simplest one. Question: does such transition, i.e from t2.micro of free tier to t3.nano (saving plan) automatically? I suppose the same smooth transition also apply for RDB db.t3.micro, Is it correct? Thanks a lot.

  • If you select "Compute Savings Plans", instance types such as t2.micro and t3.nano are irrelevant. The Savings Plan targets EC2, AWS Lambda, and AWS Fargate. RDS is not the target. For RDS, you need to purchase Reserved Instances.

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