How to increase service quota limits?


This question is a bit meta, but how do you increase the limits for service quota itself, e.g. active requests per account? They all report Adjustable = no in the console and CLI.

Is there an out of band process to increase that limit?

On a related note, is it possible to batch several ec2 instance limit increases in a single request? Templates seem to address that, but you can only have one for entire organization unless I am missing something.

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What is your customer's use case?

The quota on Service quotas is the number of active quotas increase requests one can have open at a time (yes, I know, say that 10x fast). We generally see customers increasing their quotas as they scale out their service, which usually doesn't require a large number of quota increase requests at once. OR, customers will create a new account with a known workload to run in it of a predictable load and they want to make sure it has headroom to take on that load.

You will see that some quota increase requests are programmatically resolved quickly (for example, often Athena and EC2 instance requests) and some result in a customer support case where the SLA depends on your customer's support level. Because there is automation in the backend, we do not batch quota requests.

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