Failed create the custom domain manually and getting error


Failed to crEnter image description here eate the custom domain manually and getting an error

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If you perform a DNS lookup for the custom domain you're trying to add, you will see that it resolves to a CloudFront distribution. If that doesn't match the distribution you're trying to add this to, you'll get this error.

answered 4 months ago
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  • So is there any possibility to resolve the error and create the custom domain with the same domain name and acm

  • You can't have a custom domain name associated with two different CloudFront distributions at the same time. If you did that, how would CloudFront know which of the two distributions to use when a viewer makes a request? You will need to choose which distribution you want to use this custom domain name with, and then configure the DNS records accordingly. Instructions for configuring alternate domains, and the associated DNS records, can be found here:

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