Why does the Update Volume setting for Storage Efficiency not stay Enabled?


On our FSxN we have a volume that was snapmirrored from OnPrem cluster to our File System in AWS. The snapmirror replication is broken-off and the volume is RW. Looking in AWS console it shows Storage Efficiency for this volume as Disabled and I need it to be Enabled. Any time I update the volume, whether it is in AWS console, AWS CLI or via FSxN CLI (thru jump host) to have Storage Efficiency Enabled/True, it will show as Enabled in AWS console and True in AWS CLI but then reverts *back *to Disabled in AWS console and False in AWS CLI. Oddly when ssh'ed to my File System (via jump host) command "vol efficiency show" shows State as Enabled.

Why is this? Why does Storage Effiicency always revert back to Disabled/True after 30-60 minutes? Is it because it was a snapmirrored volume? We are migrating from onprem cluster to FSxN so all our volumes will be snapmirrored. How do I get this volume to retain and have Storage Efficiency enabled? Thank you.

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This may be due to to a software defect (BURT 1493073) where there's a mismatch in the storage efficiency reported by the ONTAP CLI and the ONTAP REST API (that Amazon FSx uses to populate the storage efficiency field in the FSx console). However, this is only a reporting defect. If the ONTAP CLI reports the storage efficiency as enabled for a volume ("vol efficiency show"), then storage efficiency will work according to what was configured for that volume, it will just show up as disabled in the FSx console. NetApp plans to address this defect in a future ONTAP version.

answered a year ago

OK that makes sense. Appreciate your reply! I'll go by the ONTAP CLI output for volume storage efficiency ("vol efficiency show"). Thanks again!

answered a year ago

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