SageMaker Studio Lab Notebook Not Running During Scheduled Job


I have set a notebook up on SageMaker Studio Lab to run on a schedule once a day during the week. When I checked the notebook jobs, I saw that the notebook did not run during the scheduled time. I suspect this is because I stopped the runtime to ensure I do not go over my allotted time for the free version of the product, but I am unable to confirm this anywhere.

I began to look into using Lambda to execute the notebook using StopNotebookInstance and StartNotebookInstance but only saw examples for SageMaker Studio and not Lab.

  • First, can SageMaker Studio Lab notebooks run on a schedule if runtime is not started?
  • Next, can Lambda access SageMaker Studio Lab notebooks using endpoints if runtime is not started?
  • Last, if neither of the options above is possible, how can I start and stop SageMaker Studio Lab's runtime on a schedule?

Thank you in advance for any insight and support you can provide.

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This blog post is the exact solution to what you want to achieve:

Please, follow it to implement your own scheduled StudioLab notebook.



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answered 4 months ago
  • Hi,

    Thank you for the solution you provided. I have implemented exactly what is prescribed in the blog, but my notebooks still do not run when scheduled if my runtime is not started from the SageMaker Studio Lab home page. I checked on the AWS console to see if any processing was logged, but there is nothing in Studio Lab or the console. I am stuck, especially because the free version doesn't have tech support.

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