How to Generate a CSR for ACM


We use AWS Load-balancers for our website hosted on EC2 instances. We want to import SSL cert files to AWS Certificate Manager (ACM). The SSL cert provider asked for a CSR file to generate cert files. However, ACM does not have an option to generate a CSR. Could you please let us know how to generate a CSR for ACM?


  1. The question it is not How to Generate a CSR for a specific Amazon EC2 (AWS).
  2. If we need to generate a CSR on an EC2 instance, since we have multiple servers behind the Load-balancer, should we generate one CSR for each EC2?


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As far as I know, you must generate the CSR in another tool like OpenSSL.

When you have multiple servers behind an AWS Load Balancer you do not need to generate a separate CSR for each EC2 instance. Instead, you should generate a single CSR, which can be done on any one of your servers or even on a local machine. Import the Certificate into AWS ACM: Once you receive the SSL certificate from your provider, import it into AWS Certificate Manager (ACM).

answered 3 months ago

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