Extract a string using regex_substr


I have a code written in DB2 that will extract the string values between / to different columns.


From above code, the string after '/BJ/' will go to column_1, the value after '1/' will go to column_2 etc as below: Column_1 = 1, column_2 = 10, column_3 = 114, column_4 = 202010049. Now I am trying to do the same in redshift. but I am getting below error:

error: Invalid preceding regular expression prior to repetition operator. The error occurred while parsing the regular expression: '^(.*?>>>HERE>>>)/'

Can anyone please help me to fix this?

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Hello Joe,

You can try using the split_part string function as below

select params, split_part(params, '/', 3) as col1, split_part(params, '/', 4) as col3, split_part(params, '/', 5) as col3, split_part(params, '/', 6) as col4 from ( select '/BJ/1/10/114/201010049' as params ) tmp

Please feel free to comment if you have further issues

answered 2 months ago
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  • Thanks a lot. This works fine.

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