AWS Trusted Advisor Service vs. AWS Well-Architected Framework Tool


What is the best way to think about the relationship between the AWS Trusted Advisor Service and AWS Well-Architected Tool? There appears to be considerable overlap between the two.

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In short... I'd say, think of Well-Architected Framework Tool as a collection of architectural best practices (think: architecture, design, people and processes), and AWS Trusted Advisor as a collection of operational best practices (resources & infrastructure).

Long version of this answer could be as long as you want :) They are indeed tied together. Look at it this way - consider that any service, feature or tool in AWS is tied to the best practices of well-architected framework. Depending on where you are on your cloud journey, and which role you have in your organization, either one tool or another will be more relevant for you.

Trusted Advisor is often used on a much more regular cadence (e.g. bi-weekly? monthly?) to monitor operational health of your AWS infrastructure and its resources and monitor trends over time. And for Well-Architected Review (WAR) with WA framework tool, depending on the size of your organization you might likely run it once a year for a specific workload. You may run WAR once, and the next year let's say you have reorganization and changes in your workloads, so you can run it again to see where you are now compared to best practices.

I hope it helps! I'd be also happy to see other AWS experts respond with their suggestions.

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answered 2 years ago
  • Great, thank you very much!


Hello, yes, it's true that Trusted Advisor and Well Architected (and also other services like Security Hub) provides overlapping recommendations and best practices.

That's why Trusted Advisor is always working towards aggregating new best practices into it's platform. It recently released an integration with Security Hub so you can now enable showing some of the Security Hub's recommendations in Trusted Advisor.

Specifically for Well Architected, four new recommendations were added by them into Trusted Advisor in December 2021. You can see the announcement here:

Trusted Advisor teams are continuously working on adding more sources of recommendations to the console.

answered 2 years ago
  • Great, thanks for the further background information!

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