Implementing Amazon Rekognition and Liveness Check in C# WinForms Application


I am developing a C# WinForms application and seeking guidance on integrating Amazon Rekognition for identity verification, along with a Liveness check. After initiating a session and obtaining the session ID, I am unclear on the process for starting the session in the WinForms environment. Specifically, I need to know whether to send the video frames sequentially or as a whole for the Liveness check and how to handle the verification process after acquiring the session key and before receiving the results. Is there a recommended approach or best practice for this, especially in a WinForms context? I've consulted the documentation but found no WinForms-specific information. Any insights or resources would be greatly appreciated.

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Thank you for contacting us. At the moment, we do not offer a C# SDK for Face Liveness. Our supported platforms encompass React, Android, and IOS.

Link for the SDKs:

Link for AWS docs:

answered 4 months ago
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Face Liveness is becoming critical to implement ID verification that weeds out bad actors. For those of us that develop mobile .Net apps (Maui, Platform.Uno, Xamarin, etc) using C# - may we ask if there's a plan to provide a .Net SDK?

answered 2 months ago

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