Could not allocate space for object in database because the 'PRIMARY' filegroup is full


Hello team,

We are currently running mssql express server edition - t3. small with storage of 300GB autoscaling up to 3000GB. We ran into this error - Could not allocate space for object in database because the 'PRIMARY' filegroup is full, and when we scaled the storage up then we encountered this limitation - CREATE DATABASE or ALTER DATABASE failed because the resulting cumulative database size would exceed your licensed limit of 10240 MB per database.

Please assist with a way to resolve this issue and bypass this limitation as it is affecting a production database.

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You need to change your SQL Instance type to Web or Greater. SQL Express is limited to 10GB which you have now reached

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answered 3 months ago

Thanks for the response. I have taken a snapshot of the express sql db and there are no options to restore to a standard sql db contrary to a similar question answered here -

Please assist with next steps to perform this upgrade Enter image description here

answered 3 months ago
  • Just trying myself.. give me 30 mins

  • Your right, doesnt allow you.. How about a native SQL Backup and Restore? Thats a lot of work I know

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